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IMG_2338My name is Brenda Goodman. I have been deaf all my life. There came a point where the best hearing aids on the market were not good enough: I couldn’t hear anything in my right ear and just a little in my left. I went to Dr Peters to see if I was a candidate for the cochlear implant. All the tests pointed to my being a candidate. After successful surgery, audiologist Dr Kristin King activated the device. At first I couldn’t hear any voices, but I could hear environmental sounds. With the hearing aid in my left ear and the CI in my right, I started understanding speech. I went out to eat and heard myself crunch a potato chip for the first time in my life. I was told that it would be a slow process before I could understand well. I couldn’t wait till I had my first hearing therapy session with Linda Daniel: I had so many questions to ask her and experiences to tell her about. I knew she would understand everything I needed to talk about.

My first appointment with Linda was one of the best days of my life. She knew exactly what I was talking about and explained everything to me perfectly. The best part of all was that she asked me to take my hearing aid out: she asked me to repeat words she said with just my implant on, without any lip reading information. I was so shocked that I could hear and understand her. Then she asked me to turn the processor up to make it a little louder. It was even clearer! I would not have known I needed to turn it up without her suggestion. I cannot imagine any deaf person even thinking about getting a cochlear implant without going to hearing therapy like the high quality of therapy I receive from the knowledgeable staff at HEAR In Dallas. They have experience with over 500 children and adults who have gotten cochlear implants and really know what they are doing. I am a walking success and love to tell my testimony of my cochlear implant and the services at the Dallas Ear Institute and HEAR In Dallas.