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Speaking for themselves.

Brian and Sean →

We are forever grateful to the HEAR In Dallas staff for their work with our family. We have 3 sons: Philip, age 12, has normal hearing; Sean, age 6, and Brian, age 9, are profoundly deaf and have bilateral cochlear implants. In addition to hearing loss, Sean has language processing and oral motor challenges. He […]

Silas →

Our third son Silas was diagnosed with a profound hearing loss at 6 months of age. We began seeing Linda Daniel for Auditory-Verbal Therapy within two weeks of his diagnosis and hearing aid fitting.  HEAR In Dallas is unique compared to any other program we explored.  Silas had a variety of sensory processing needs as […]

Gracie →

Gracie Rose was born with profound hearing loss in October 2012.  While the news was shocking, Scott and I began to realize what amazing support we would receive at HEAR in Dallas. We first started seeing Linda Daniel when Gracie was 2 months old.  I told Gracie we were going to see her “new best […]

Kelsey →

I was diagnosed with profound deafness as an infant and fitted with powerful hearing aids and an FM system. Though I heard very little, my mom took me to therapy at the TALK Center for Hearing Impaired Children where Linda Daniel, Rehabilitative Audiologist, was director at the time. My mom and dad took me every […]

Michael →

Michael Noble HEAR In Dallas graduate I am honored and flattered to write my testimonial for HEAR In Dallas.  The services I received there as a child made a HUGE difference in my life; I cannot imagine where I would be today if it weren’t for the work they do. I was born profoundly deaf. […]

Ella and Aubrey →

Rae and Drew Snyder, parents of 3 year old twins, Ella and Aubrey Snyder and baby. When we found out we were having twins, our emotions were in overdrive. We were excited and nervous about braving parenthood for the first time, let alone with multiples. My husband has a genetic variation called Waardenberg’s Syndrome and […]

Mike G →

The only way I can describe my experiences with HEAR In Dallas is that they have been fantastic.  I have had a severe hearing loss all my life and did not benefit from hearing aids. Without having any high frequency hearing experience, getting a cochlear implant presented me with a unique set of obstacles to […]

Maria →

Maria does not remember the first time we met Linda Daniel.  It was 1988—Maria was only 5 years old and had just lost her hearing due to meningitis. Linda gave us hope that Maria would be able to communicate verbally when no one else believed she could. Maria started in Auditory-Verbal Therapy that day. Months […]

Cade →

Our baby was high-risk pregnancy and was born 15 weeks early and weighed 1 pound 13 ounces.  We named him Cade, which meant “Fighting Spirit.” We felt it was very appropriate considering all he would have to endure, being born only 2 days past viability. From day one we were on a roller coaster ride […]

Jiya →

Jiya was born with a bilateral profound hearing loss: she was fit with hearing aids at six months and stared Auditory-Verbal therapy at HEAR In Dallas. At 12 months of age she received her first cochlear implant and received her second one at 13 months. Jiya’s progress was slow due to unknown factors, yet the […]

Brenda →

My name is Brenda Goodman. I have been deaf all my life. There came a point where the best hearing aids on the market were not good enough: I couldn’t hear anything in my right ear and just a little in my left. I went to Dr Peters to see if I was a candidate […]

Glee →

Hello Everyone, My name is Glee and I have a cochlear implant. During the numerous evaluations I had to help Dr. Peters determine my candidacy for an implant, I met many folks who were implant users. Their words were filled with glowing predictions of how much I would love my cochlear implant and how totally […]