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Mike G

Website PHOTO Mike GarciaThe only way I can describe my experiences with HEAR In Dallas is that they have been fantastic.  I have had a severe hearing loss all my life and did not benefit from hearing aids. Without having any high frequency hearing experience, getting a cochlear implant presented me with a unique set of obstacles to overcome.  When it was activated and I began to hear consonant sounds for the first time, it was very exciting, while at the same time stressful and trying. Activation day was just the beginning of the journey: for me, all the hard work began at that point.  

I bonded with my HEAR in Dallas therapist quickly and we devised an effective therapy plan that allowed me to develop my “new” hearing quickly.  When obstacles were encountered, my therapist was always professional and compassionate to my needs and my family’s concerns.  After some initial progress, it seemed I’d hit a plateau and we thought there might have been an issue with my implant.  The Hear In Dallas staff swung into action and worked directly with my audiologist, surgeon and Cochlear representative to troubleshoot and resolve the issue. From then on, my progress continued moving forward.  The staff have also been helpful in explaining to my family what to expect from my implant as well as our plan of action.  I will always be grateful for the efforts of the entire staff for their professionalism and support as they walked with me on my path into the hearing world.