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Website PHOTO GracieGracie Rose was born with profound hearing loss in October 2012.  While the news was shocking, Scott and I began to realize what amazing support we would receive at HEAR in Dallas. We first started seeing Linda Daniel when Gracie was 2 months old.  I told Gracie we were going to see her “new best friend”.

This was 4 months prior to her first cochlear implant.  Linda was wonderful about educating us about the Gracie’s hearing loss and the process ahead for us.  She also allowed us to meet  other parents and sit in on their child’s therapy session. Linda is a wonderful therapist and every week we learn new activities to keep Gracie on the right path to develop her speech and language.  At 17 months, Gracie says the following words: hi, eye, uh-ho, dada, grrr, ssss (snake), woof(dog), more, up, out, and outside. Linda has been a wonderful partner with us as we go through this journey with our beautiful daughter.  We know that with her support, Gracie will enjoy a full future!!

Tina and Scott James